Hidden in Suburbia 2011 (Part Nine): Farewell, Latham

The past month has been a whirlwind as we go through all of the steps necessary to sell our house, and begin constructing a new life in Des Moines, including buying a new house there. As I work to mobilize contractors, get the house ready for showings, review property specifications in Iowa, and help hire my replacement, I’m finding myself with less time than I’d like for summer fitness, including riding my bike into the woods and wastelands of Latham and sharing my findings with our readers here. I’ve done a couple of short rides in the past few weeks, but as my psychic focus shifts from Latham to Des Moines, I figure it’s probably time to put the camera away and declare my work as documentarian of Latham’s dark spots to be over.

So this will be my final Hidden in Suburbia report hereabouts, though I suspect that Hidden in Des Moines may also be a going series once I get out there. As always, you can click the photo below to get the annotated version of the photos, or you can click here to get the wordless slide show version. This one features vast late summer meadows, graveyards, abandoned greenhouses, and the place where old pipes go to die. Here’s hoping these and all the earlier photos inspire someone else to keep looking in the spaces between the places . . .

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5 thoughts on “Hidden in Suburbia 2011 (Part Nine): Farewell, Latham

    • Oh . . . forgot to ask, since you are such an ace at local research: I could find NOTHING about a business based in Louisville and Birmingham called “Bremner’s” . . . nor why one of their trucks would have died in the woods of Latham . . . do any of your Albany area histories list a “Bremner’s” in them??

      • I’ll try to remember to take a look when I get home tonight. Given where it is I wouldn’t be surprised if it was used as a farm truck, and just abandoned at some point.

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