Marcia and Katelin and I are back tonight from a week in Denmark, with a day trip to Sweden tossed in for good measure. Brains are fried at the moment, so not much to report here in words, except to say “Awesome, awesome, fabulous vacation!”

I did upload the photo album, however, if you’d like to see some of what we saw. Click here for the photos. More later, when my brain is working properly.

Say “Goodnight,” Eric.

“Goodnight, Eric . . . ”

4 thoughts on “Copenhagen

  1. Occasionally I think about getting a bike more suitable for errands and whatnot, but the topography of greater Waterbury is extremely hilly, and I’d need a full-on tourer to accomplish the simplest of store runs. In addition to the cultural aspects of the velo that make Copenhagen and Amsterdam such great biking cities, I think the topography has a lot to do with how ambitious people get bikewise.


    • Yeah, it’s board flat there for the most part . . . so people tootle around on these vast, heavy, fendered, panniered, basketed behemoth bikes with (at most) three speeds, though I doubt that most of them ever change gears. It was pretty cool, too, to see how many really old/classic bikes were still on the road there . . . like an interactive cycling museum or something.


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