6 thoughts on “Breaking 100 in Golf

  1. I’m in the middle of my Golfapalooza week. I played a course I had never played before yesterday. It’s rather daunting to be reminded how important familiarity with the course is to improve score. There were two or three completely blind approaches to greens, which led to conservative tee shots, long approaches, and double bogeys. I broke 100, barely (99), but took solace that the back nine’s 46 was more like my real game than the front’s 53. I allow myself one mulligan per nine. Don’t usually have to take it. Of course, competition is another matter.

    My one thought is “Finish the swing,” which keeps the head down. My trick to knowing I’ve finished is that the shaft of the club has to hit my back and shoulder blades fairly sharply. I have more of an Arnold Palmer-like slashing swing than those smooth swings with the fancy end poses.

    I found two really great books in a used book store in Great Barrington about 7 years ago. They were written in the 60s by Cary Middlecoff, and explored the classic swings of Nicklaus, Palmer, Player, Bob Jones, Harry Varden, and Ben Hogan. They are my favorite references because they don’t do the golf magazine thing of “Do this,” which is just confusing and counter-productive. They just explain how each of the greats developed his repeatable swing. Given the amount of time (or really lack of time) I have to really work on my game, I am happy with a repeatable swing that nets me mid-40s most the time.

    • I’m with you, Greg, on the “finish the swing” mantra . . . that’s my biggest problem: when I pull up during the swing and end up either slicing long shots or punting chips/pitches.

      This is our fifth summer of golfing (we were late adopters), and Marcia is clearly a natural at the game . . . her swing does look like the ones you see on the sports page. I’m not quite so natural . . . I have always had a hard time with repetitive/duplicative actions in sports (foul shooting also comes to mind), and my rebuilt left shoulder limits my range a bit.

      I’m flirting with the 100 this summer . . . but have yet to break it . . .

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