“Wife Spectator” Selections, 2011: Highly Recommended

Impressive in so many ways . . .
beautifully balanced, exotic and elegant, rich and racy.
Well-integrated structure brings vivacity and strength.
Bursting with passion, supple, subtle and distinctive,
she really starts to sing as her accents blend and deepen.

Lots of class and character . . .
fine complexity, great definition and grace,
with resonant energy and something in reserve.
Silky and suave, concentrated and graceful,
striking, beautiful aromas announce a long, long finish.

Her profile changes like a chameleon . . .
Terrific intensity, firm and intense,
brims with personality, a beauty now and over time.
Long and powerful, her charms build and build,
and linger on, with a bright beam of vanilla and pear.

A vibrant structure shows off her richness . . .
a brilliant, tangy core, ripe and intense,
complex, full throttle, lovely, silky textures,
fragrant and lean, with hints of smoke and coffee:
a fine aftertaste shows her ultimate potential.

She offers great clarity and balance . . .
elegant, lingering nicely, with crisp intensity,
lithe, muscular and lively, but not overwhelming,
firm in the mouth, with a juicy core, and velvety,
all in all, in an especially appealing class of her own:

World class . . . world class . . .

Note: I was reading Wine Spectator magazine several years ago and was struck by the sensuousness and romance of the language used to describe many of the wines therein. The poem above is a collage based upon that observation: I pulled evocative words and phrases from a single issue of that magazine, chopped and mixed them into a new blend of words, and then gave the result to Marcia as her annual Valentine’s Day Poem in 2007. I reproduce this poem today on the occasion of our 22nd wedding anniversary. Still world class . . . still world class . . .

11 thoughts on ““Wife Spectator” Selections, 2011: Highly Recommended

  1. I agree . . . lucky me. I am saving all of my Valentine poems. They will make a great book some day. Love you.

    • I actually had to pull the hard copy of this one out of your scrap book this morning to re-type it for this post . . . so I am glad you are saving them! Love you too, and happy anniversary!

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