Hidden in Suburbia 2011 (Part Three): Rains, Trains and Snowmobiles

I managed to swing a couple of trips into the woods on the bike this weekend, after my first accident-infested foray last week, though monsoon season has left many of my normal haunts squishy and stinky messes at this point. Still, I slogged through the mire to visit one of the cooler spots within the two-and-a-half mile radius surrounding my house: the place where trains go to die in the woods. I also sought out, and found, an old friend (well, if you can consider the carcass of a snowmobile to be a friend, anyway), and I checked up on Indie Albany headquarters to see if it’s still sinking into the flotsam that washes up around it. (Answer: yes, it is). Finally, I went to get an updated photo of Miss Indie Albany (our mascot, at right), and received quite a surprise when I returned to her road-side home. Oh, the drama!

Click here for the photos. Trains in the Woods kick ass, just for the record.

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11 thoughts on “Hidden in Suburbia 2011 (Part Three): Rains, Trains and Snowmobiles

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  7. If you walk out into the school field and take the second path into the overgrown field you can find an old station wagon. Anyway, what color cat do you have?


    • Is that the trail that heads down to On the Farm? It’s gotten much soupier and weedier over the past few years as kids seem to be taking the one that comes out in the Sylvan/Vista neighborhood instead, so I haven’t been on it that much in recent years. There’s a blue car on the trail between the school field and Harding that I’ve photoed in earlier installments. Our cats are an orange/white siamese and grey/brown tabby . . . but they’re inside cats only, so if you’re seeing one, something’s wrong!!!


      • The blue car going to Harding is the one I was referring to. It was there when I moved onto Tyler in 1980. The field does have some lows spots but gets quite nice in the summer. Our white and orange longhair has a new friend, a white and orange shorthair.


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