Score One for Indie Albany

Of the 576,921 new blog posts made at the WordPress mothership today, Indie Albany was rated as one of the Top Eleven posts on their featured front page list. Nice job, team! Huttah!

9 thoughts on “Score One for Indie Albany

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  5. It’s completely true: More people read my blog on IndieAlbany than ever read my posts on the TU Clifton Park blog. My decision to join IndieAlbany was a good one.


  6. Thanks guys . . . . yeah, it’s a family blog (literally, in my case), but I’m agreeing with you silently inside, Rob. All those advertising dollars over at TYouKnowWhere never earned any of us that kind of exposure in the greater blogosphere outside of our region . . . so this makes me feel ever more strongly that I’m doing something good and right here. The belief that people need such a platform to reach beyond their friends and family members is rubbish. I regret buying into it for so long, especially since I was already pulling 60,000 visits a month before I ever posted on the newspaper site . . .


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