“Analgesia” by Max Eider with June Miles-Kingston

Tremendous new song and video from Max Eider, The King of Smooth Ennui and Tasteful Pain, Master Wrangler of His Gretsch Double Anniversary, and Deliverer of Disaffection. (I’d previously posted another cut from this boss new album, here).

This particular song features Max with long-time vocal foil, June Miles-Kingston, who also directed the video. I’ve been listening to him (often with June) for the better part of a quarter-century at this point, and yet whenever his music comes on the stereo, I reach to turn it up. It’s timeless, in the good sense of that word. It’s virtually a given, too, that if one of Max’s songs pops up during a dinner party or other social occasion at our home, first-time listeners will always pause to say “Wow, who’s this?” He’s got a fine knack for melodies that will stick in your head for ages, and you just don’t hear guitar chops like these very often anymore.

At bottom line, the elegant song-craft Max Eider offers is hard to top, and I remain perpetually befuddled as to why he’s not become a household name over the years. Being a snob, I chalk it up to the fact that I just have better taste than everyone else does. But here’s a chance for you to demonstrate admirable style and refinement by sharing in the experience of this video with me, so don’t pass it up when it’s offered to you. Just saying.

2 thoughts on ““Analgesia” by Max Eider with June Miles-Kingston

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