Back from the Left Coast

Marcia and I returned late last night from a short but refreshing business trip to Yountville, California, in the heart of Napa Valley. Click here to be taken to my album of the fun/non-work parts of the trip, including some links to excellent, recommended vineyards and restaurants, all of them well worth saving, in case you’re out that way yourselves sometime in the near future. (If you haven’t used Flickr before, click the first photo at the left of the big balloon, and you’ll be able to click through the rest of them from there using the “next” button above the right hand top corner of each photo). Napa is a recommended destination, for sure, especially for foodies and wine lovers, though the jet lag on Monday morning can be a bit intense on your first day back at work, I must admit. Hopefully my staff didn’t notice me drooling on myself too much.

4 thoughts on “Back from the Left Coast

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