“Memories of a Dad’s Love for the Pack”

North Carolina State University’s football team broke into the Top 25 Polls this week on the strength of a 4-0 start to the season. This is good news to me, because I’ve been a State fan longer than I’ve been a fan of Navy or Albany (my two almae matres). My father, a North Carolina native, was a proud graduate of the State University in Raleigh, and schooled me on the importance of supporting the Wolfpack from my very youngest days. (Of course, I spent much of my childhood thinking the team name was “The Wolf Patch,” but that’s a separate story for another time).

There is a bittersweet tinge to State’s success this year for me, as this is their best start since the 2002 football season, which was a dark one for me. Here’s a link to the November 2002 issue of the N.C. State Athletics Newsletter, Pack Plus. Click the link and read the article on the top right of the newsletter’s front page, with the same title as this blog post, and you’ll understand why I place a lot of value in this particular football team’s success.

Go State! Go Pack! Go Red! Win!

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