If I Only Had My Mind on Something Else

1. I ran out of usable song titles by The Who to caption miscellaneous posts, so having over-used “Spicks and Specks” (a Bee Gees song) almost as much as I once over-used Odds and Sods (a Who album) for such writing, I feel it only fair to forage through the Bee Gees catalog now. “If I Only Had My Mind on Something Else” was the opening track of Cucumber Castle, the odd duck in their early catalog recorded by Barry and Maurice Gibb while brother Robin was off having a star fit. Worth a spin, for sure.

2. In my usual “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth over-doing” mode, having gotten sick for the first time in a long, long time, my body decided that it should just go ahead and get really sick, with some kind of oxygen-eating crud in my chest that caused even simple, pleasurable tasks to bring on paroxysms of hacking and wheezing, which is no good! I think it’s finally passing, but I’m not rushing back to the gym, since I did that last weekend and, I think, gave it a new lease on life for another seven days. I did make a visit to the doctor, finally, and he prescribed something that slightly improved one minor symptom I already had, while giving me six other worse side symptoms, and almost immediately creating withdrawal reactions when I stopped taking it after two days. This is the second time prescribed medication has done to this me in the past several months. It’s “First Do No Harm,” Big Pharmacy, y’know?  Not “First Get Your Patients Addicted.” Sheesh.

3. During the middle of all this, I drove out to Geneseo to move Katelin home after successfully completing her first year of college. It’s great to have her home for the summer. This weekend is commencement weekend at the University at Albany, so both she and I were there on campus yesterday working our various events, she in catering, me in management by walking around. We both should be there this morning as well, but, sadly, instead I’m about to drive her down to Westchester County for the funeral of a close friend’s college-aged sibling. It’s a sobering reminder to always be thankful through these transitional times with our young adults, and to remember what a blessing it is to watch them graduate, and to bring them home.

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