Five Songs You Need to Hear (Part the Second)

1. “Assaramessuga” by Hamza El Din (The world’s greatest oud player, from Egyptian Nubia, who passed away in 2006, but was an active, influential player in the rise of “World Music” in the United States; his album Escalay: The Water Wheel is widely available and recommended).

2. “Fumbling Over Words That Rhyme” by Edan (A history of hip hop and rap in American, delivered via a spectacular hip hop performance).

3. “Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You” by The Bee Gees (For those of you who only know them from their disco era, check this fabulous piece of early pop magic, with Gregorian chanting and Mellotrons. Hot!)

4. “Working Nights” by Camberwell Now (A successor band to This Heat, who I featured in the first installment of this series; this song ably features Stephen Rickard’s “Tape Switchboard,” a primordial, self-made sampler/loop engine).

5. “Thank You” by Swans (Lower East Side giants in their early 1980s scumcore days; I think this is the best cut from their aptly titled debut album, Filth).

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