Cobwebs and Strange

1. The Grackles are back! I got home from work this afternoon, looked out the back window, and saw a couple of dozen feisty, iridescent, purple, blue and black birds stomping around the back yard, sussing out the competition, the potential mates, and the nesting sites. Usually a month or so after this happens each spring, we’ll have three or four nesting pairs at the far corners of the yard, jealously guarding their sectors from intrusion by other birds or mammals, including me. Still, they’re my favorite yard birds, and I love watching their return each spring.

2. Jed Davis is back! Or will be soon, anyway. Back in 1996 (I think), I reviewed the UAlbany alum’s album We’re All Going To Jail, and ended the review by noting that “[this album] makes it very clear that the local music scene really let a big one get away when we allowed Jed Davis to head downstream on the Hudson. So have your nets and gill-hooks ready next time he visits, okay?” I now see from Jed’s Facebook page that he’s planning to move back to Albany soon, which is great news for the local music community (forage around his website a bit if you don’t believe me), and means that you can put your nets and gill-hooks away, finally. Huttah!

3. Spring is back! Marcia is headed out to Las Vegas tomorrow to meet her sisters for a long weekend of Sin City fun, and the timing perfectly corresponds to what appears to be the first truly fabulous weekend of the spring hereabouts, so I am taking my bicycle and heading down to Rhinebeck for the weekend to do some Duchess County rides and soak up the sunshine and warmth in a reasonably healthy fashion. Should be a wild and crazy cycling nerd weekend. What happens in Rhinebeck stays in Rhinebeck. Since no one outside of Rhinebeck would be interested in it.

4. If you’re on Facebook, you need to join this group to hear Jason Martin‘s “Schenectady Song.” I love this song and this performance so very, very much, and was thrilled to hear it again tonight, for the first time in too many years. It’s a great testament to a great city and great musical talent. Listen!

5. Neil Diamond’s “Morningside” is the saddest song ever written. Ever! Even sadder than “Eleanor Rigby!” Listen!

6. Cobwebs and Strange.

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