Bad Blogger

You’d think that the unusual confluence of being a college employee, parent of a college student, and college grad student myself would give me all sorts of interesting perspectives and insights into the experience of higher education in America with which to fill my blog. And, actually, you’d be right in thinking such things. The only problem is, that combination creates such a strain on both time and mental resources that all of those perspectives and insights generally stay stuck in my head, since it’s hard to get excited about sitting in front of my blog admin page during those rare moments when I have some time on my hands. So sorry to be a crappy correspondent of late. It’ll all come gushing out at some point.

In other news: I wish I didn’t know how to spell plantar fasciitis. It feels as bad as it sounds.

In other, other news: the girl is home from college this weekend for the first time. It feels as good as it sounds.

In other, other, other news: Go Marcia’s Twinkies! Go Nico’s Rockies! Boo, major market behemoths! (I’m looking at you, Yankees and Dodgers).

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