The Race to 100

100 losses, that is.

My two favorite baseball teams, the Beloved Royals and the Acquired Nationals, are both in last place in their respective leagues. The Nats are sitting pretty in the lead with 92 losses, while the Royals (at 85 losses) are inexplicably falling behind in their march to sub-mediocrity with a nonsensical four-game winning streak and a sweep of the division leading Tigers. Who do they think they are with this late season surge? The Rockies?

While the Pittsburgh Pirates got a lot of media attention this week for their 17th straight losing season (more than any other team has ever experienced in MLB or the NBA, NHL or NFL), they’re kind of pikers at losing, as they’ve only managed to muster up a single 100-loss season during their ongoing losing run. The Royals, on the other hand, are on track to lock up their fifth 100-loss season since 2002. That’s impressive!

So, Go Beloved Royals! Go Acquired Nationals! Lose, lose, LOSE!

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