Clearing Out the Studio

I’ve got a new musical acquisition in mind (more news to follow when I know I’ve secured it), so I’m clearing out some of the lesser used goods in the studio office to make room. If anything piques your curiosity, you know where to find me. (I’m Craigslisting because I don’t want to pack and ship stuff, so locals only, sorry, please and thanks).

BOSS DR-110 Dr. Rhythm Vintage Analog Drum Synth:

KORG Electribe A EA-1 Analog Modeling Synthesizer:

Three Classic Ibanez Guitar Pedals (SC10, DDL20, TS10):

1988 Ovation Custom Balladeer Guitar:

Mountain Dulcimer:

ZOOM 607 Bass Effects Pedal:

Yamaha RBX260 4-String Bass Guitar:

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