In major league American sports, a team that achieves the .600 threshold in their victory percentage is generally a solid, high-achieving team that’s playoff bound. In the NFL, .600 equates to a 10-6 season. In baseball, it’s a 100-victory campaign. In the NHL, it’s a 100-point year. In the NBA it’s a 50-win season (which this year meant the Celtics, Magic and Cavs in the NBA’s Eastern Conference, and every playoff-bound team in the Western Conference).

In Major League Baseball today, as the season approaches the one-fifth-done pole, there are but five teams playing .600 ball: the Dodgers, the Cardinals, the Red Sox (all of them predictable), the Blue Jays (that’s unexpected), and the Beloved Royals (that’s a sign of the apocalypse). The Boys in Blue have a two-game lead over the Tigers, have won five in a row, and have the most dominant pitcher in the Big Leagues (Zack Greinke) over the first 30 games.

So nobody pinch me or wake me up for another 130 games, beause this is looking sweet dream good so far!

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