Tell, Not Show

I feel like I’ve been a bad, bad blogger of late, only posting links and videos and pictures here, the last recourse of the web writer too lazy or unimaginative to write. Tonight I finally have (some) energy and (some) time to write, so will move one tier up on the food chain of blog posts, and do a “miscellaneous short thoughts” update. Maybe if I clear my head of the sundry noise, a big, grand, thought-provoking post will emerge in a couple of days. Or maybe not. We’ll see.

Heat 1: Many people up here assume that since I’m from the Deep South, I must like and/or have some better ability to cope with stifling heat of the variety that we’ve had here for the past couple of days. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m of the post-air conditioning era, and left to my own devices, I would turn it on in February and leave it on through November, just in case. I prefer my air dry, cold and forced through the house at gusty speeds. When I am indoors, I do not wish to have any glisten or sheen as the weather outside warms. Outside, that’s a different story: I want to sweat. I want to get baked to a golden bronze hue. But not indoors. Indoors is for air conditioning. When you come visit me, please enter and exit quickly, as nothing gets me crazier than watching my carefully cached cold air drifting out the door while you stand there making pleasantries. The sound you hear? That’s me grinding my teeth.

Heat 2: Really now: whatever happened to spring up here? It seems like we always have these long, endless dreary late winters, and then, BAM! 90 degrees and scorching. The crocuses come up, and then they perish from heat stroke. And then the black flies come. This is just wrong. As much as I love autumn up here, I’d give up a couple of weeks of it to have something resembling a real spring.

Sports: Having replaced their sieve of a goalie, the beloved Capitals have pushed the Rangers to a Game 7 tomorrow night in their first round battle. This is an important series for the Caps, who did exactly the same come-from-behind thing last year in their first round series against the detested Flyers, then lost in Game 7. There’s a long history of massive post-season collapses and folds behind this team, in fact, so psychologically, they really need to hammer this door shut and move on. Astonishing, the beloved Royals are playing .500 ball still and are only a game out of first place in the somewhat-dodgy AL Central, even as the season reaches the one-eighth-over mark. This is good news for my boys in blue. They’re usually out of the running by the end of April. Go Beloved Royals! Don’t Suck!

Music: Digging new albums from Super Furry Animals, The Veils and DM Stith. Surprised to discover an album that I missed last year from Einsturzende Neubauten. Also re-discovering how much I love The Residents‘ relatively-recent masterpieces Demons Dance Alone and Animal Lover. They are both poignant, lovely works that match the Singing Residents’ deep, think Louisiana accent with the Left Coast stylings of the lovely Molly Harvey. Fine albums, both.

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