Hit Hard (Updated)

No heat or power since Thursday night, a basement that’s full of water from sump pump failure, many trees down, turning our whole backyard into a disaster area. We stayed in the house the past two nights, but after spending three hours hauling stuff out of the basement and into the garage this morning, we gave up. I turned off the water main and drained all the interior water pipes to preclude freezing and cracking risks, and we fled to a safe, warm haven for us and the cats. The most important thing is we’re all safe and healthy, but it’s still sad to ponder what we’re going to find when we return to our home, whenever we are able to do so. Plus, I start my new job on Monday. How’s that for the work transition from hell?

Update: Still no power as of 10 PM Saturday night. We are still in our safe haven, but had the chance to go out to dinner with Katelin tonight after her performance at the Darrow School Revels, an annual holiday event there. I got misty-eyed as the kids sang songs about pushing back the darkness and celebrating the warmth of the holidays. I consider it a blessing that Katelin has been warm and safe at school through the ice storm. She didn’t need to go through what we’re going through. Tomorrow afternoon we plan to return to Latham and see what’s happening in the house. Katelin is supposed to be home for the holidays on Tuesday. I’m hoping we have a warm place for her return. It’s easy to take such simple pleasures as warmth and comfort for granted. Spending two nights in a freezing house reminds me what a gift warmth is during Northeastern winters. I hope those reading this report are doing so from warm spaces, and that you go hug someone wherever you are and be thankful for warmth, safety and companionship. They’re all gifts.

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