6:04 AM

Being an early riser and living one block away from my polling place made it easy for me to be one of the first folks in my neighborhood into the voting booths today, at 6:04 AM.

I’m still glad we have the old school pull-the-lever, close-the-curtain types of voting machines. There’s something satisfying about pulling the lever the second time and hearing the “rrrrrrrrrrkkkkzzzz-CLUNK” sound as your vote is tallied.

That’s the sound of democracy to me. rrrrrrrrrkkkkzzzzzz-CLUNK!!!!

I’m looking forward to curling up on the floor tonight (since I’m not allowed on the furniture) and watching the returns, although there’s the bittersweet realization that the campaign itself, that all-encompassing subject that has consumed me for months and months now, is coming to an end.

So it’s sad, in a way, to know that we will be leaving the little fantasy world that we’ve been living in for so long. I feel like tonight is akin to reaching the “The Grey Havens” chapter at the end of “The Lord of the Rings.”

It’s a short chapter, tying up a lot of lose ends, and once it’s over, then it’s back to the real world, after months of living in a beatiful, mytical fantasy world, where darkness and light are clearly delineated, and only one can win, and both sides are scheming to recruit the stupid, gullible men of Middle Earth to take up arms on their respective behalfs.

Oh, sure, you can read through the back-story history of Numenor or bone up on your Sindarin or study the hobbit family trees by continuing to read through LOTR’s appendices after Mister Frodo sets sail for the West and Sam returns home to the Shire, but that’s all just noise after the real story has run its course.

Sort of like what 95% of all political blogs are going to be tomorrow. Sadly going through the motions, rehashing and recycling beloved themes and motifs, even after Mister Barack sails for the White House, and sturdy old John McCain returns to one of his many homes, dandles a grandchild on his knee, sighs heavily and says “Well, I’m home.”

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