Off to the Motherland (Literally)

Due to the logistics associated with getting a geographically diverse extended family together, I often visit with my mother not in South Carolina, where she lives, but in North Carolina (where my sister and her family live) or up here. But tomorrow, Katelin and I are heading Southward to do some college visits (Wake Forest, Davidson, Wofford and Furman), and then heading down to Beaufort, South Carolina, where I was born some four-to-five decades ago. My mother is planning to have boiled peanuts and Frogmore Stew the first night we’re there, so I’m going to be in home-cooked heaven, right from the gitgo. Mmmm . . . I’m salivating already just pondering it. Full report to follow. Probably with pictures of sated Southerners, all a-glisten with peanut juice and flushed with Old Bay seasoning.

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