Vitamin W

One of my deep cult musical heroes, Vitamin W, has popped up unexpectedly on, where you need to go hear him, and spread the word about his prescient blend of samples and grooves, which mapped out places that folks like Dangermouse ended up, but got there way sooner. Click here for Vitamin W’s page, and use his jukebox to listen to “Cybercreep” before you do anything else today, seriously. It is astounding to hear this song (my fave of his) and the others available there, all sounding just as timely and timeless today as they did when they were first crafted, nearly a decade ago. Good stuff, way under-appreciated. Do yourself a favor and hear what happens when you grind Kraftwerk, the Doors, Luna and Brian Eno together, and spread the results over a bed of big beats and police sirens. Awesome.

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