Musical Miscellany

Sad tidings today with news of Rick Wright’s passing. He was the keyboardist and a sometime singer-songwriter with Pink Floyd. I have long believed that the most magical sound in Pink Floyd’s sonic batterie was the combination of Wright and David Gilmour singing together. Their voices were just perfect together, and frame the best bits of the Pink Floyd canon. I praised Wright as the best part of Pink Floyd in a 2002 review, and was pleased tonight to see David Gilmour himself express similar sentiments. I once exerted some 15,000 words to determining that Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon was the “Best of the Blockbusters,” and that was due, in large part, to Rick Wright’s crucial contributions. I admire him a lot.

On a less inspirational note, it was kind of a stinky month this month with regard to my eMusic downloads, as I grabbed seven albums, and six of them have already been deleted from my computer. The survivor, The Rhumb Line by Ra Ra Riot, isn’t necessarily Album of the Year material, but it does offer some neat melodies presented with interesting arrangements featuring bass-guitar-drums-violin-cello-voice. Fortunately, I did buy the new album from Wire, Object 47, this month, so I do have one seriously excellent album to endorse for September. It’s the first album they’ve ever released withour guitarist Bruce Gilbert, so I was a little nervous (especially based on the wan Read and Burn 03 EP from last year), but this disc is surprisingly engaging and solid, another great addition to their already impressive 46-object canon. Recommended.

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