Beat the Meme

Someone forwarded me one of those internet meme thingies where I was asked to decide what I (or you, or anyone) would pick if I could only have five songs on my iPod. I guess this is “Desert Island Discs” for the electronic generation or something.

The post and links included with it had these impassioned arguments for all sorts of great songs and artists, well-crafted and reasoned, thorough, convincing in an academic and intellectual way. Problem is, none of them seemed to get one painfully obvious point: if you pick five standard pop or rock songs, then you have about 15 minutes worth of music to get your through the rest of your life.

So me being a smart chap, if I could only have five songs on my iPod on a desert island, they would look something like this:

“Tubular Bells” by Mike Oldfield: 48 minutes, 56 seconds.

“A Passion Play” by Jethro Tull: 48 minutes, 13 seconds.

“Supper’s Ready” by Genesis: 22 minutes, 55 seconds.

“The Gates of Delirium” by Yes: 21 minutes, 50 seconds.

“Tarkus” by Emerson, Lake and Palmer: 20 minutes, 39 seconds.

That’s nearly three hours worth of music with five solid songs. I’m thinking I’m going to be enjoying my time on my island much more than those of you with 15 minutes worth of tunes to get you by. I’ll let you come visit if you bring me a coconut.

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