Look Up

This is one of the best weeks in quite some time for spotting the International Space Station passing over our region, in both the evening and early morning hours. 

The ISS is shockingly bright, fast and impressive to see, especially if you catch it in a clear sky when its magnitude is around -2.5, brighter than the brightest star (Sirius), and in league with Venus and Jupiter as attention-catching celestial objects.

Here’s a great website, set for Albany, that tells you when and where to look. It’s worth getting outside and checking it out for some of those brighter passes (the more negative the apparent magnitude number, the brighter the object).

You can also re-set it to your own location, obviously, though these times and directions will generally be good enough to find it in the greater Capital Region.

It’s awesome to spot. And even more awesome to ponder the fact that there are people on it as it passes.

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