Fighting Trim

We’re just back from a lovely weekend in Newport, Rhode Island. I lived there in 1980-81 while my dad was at the Navy War College, and have always considered it to be one of the best places I lived during my peripatetic first 28 years before I settled here in Upstate Yankonia. Marcia also lived in Newport a few years after I did while she was in Officer’s Candidate School, so she’s got some local memories of her own. We had some great meals this weekend, shopped, walked, drove over the Newport Bridge to Jamestown each day to play golf in the public course there, and then stopped at Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut for a night on the way home, managing to not lose much, in the grand scheme of things.

Those great meals in Newport came atop and after too many not so great meals over the past semester as I scarfed down more junk food than was necessary or desirable while racing to get between work and classes, after eating big lunches at work (we serve a hot lunch everyday due to our remote location), because I could. So it’s now time to get back to something closer to fighting trim for the summer months. I’m pretty good at this drill, and can drop a fairly shocking amount of weight in a fairly short time when I want or need to. (Yeah, I know that’s not optimal or healthy, so you won’t be telling me anything I don’t know if you feel the need to point that out). I have something of a masochistic streak, not in the sensual use of the word, but in testing my body to see how much I can bend it before it breaks or crashes. Fasts and highly restrictive diets fit that mold nicely, and are satisfying in their unhealthiness accordingly. As is skipping lunch at work each day to shoot baskets instead, and riding the bike at night, if the weather is ever conducive to it.

One thing I’ve discovered is that the key (for me) to extreme low-calorie eating is to making sure that I get as much flavor as possible from the things that I do actually eat. Rice cakes just don’t cut it, yo. One of my fave dieting snacks that adheres to this principle is as follows: take three “krab” sticks (those pre-formed things that look like crab leg, but are mainly made of pollack, and which have about 30 calories a piece), spread two tablespoons of olive flavored hummus evenly on top of them (30 calories), and then sprinkle some cheap grocery store black caviar on top of that (10 calories). The whole shebang has 130 calories, but has so many tastes, and so many textures, that it feels more satisfying, and stays with you longer than that horrible cardboard-like 97% fat free microwave popcorn that people force themselves to eat. Yuck. If you’re going to be hungry, at least enjoy the taste of what you eat, duh.

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