Personal One Hit Wonders

Everyone knows about “one hit wonders:” bands who have one great, popular song, and then vanish into cult obscurity as soon as it falls out of the charts. But what about “personal one hit wonders:” groups that may have a ton of popular or well-regarded songs, only one of which appeals to you or me or anyone else as a specific listener?

Some of my examples: I love the song “Ray of Light” by Madonna, but can’t think of another cut by her that I have the faintest, vaguest interest in hearing. I feel the same way about “Little Plastic Castle” by Ani DiFranco, and “Punkrocker” by The Teddybears (with Iggy Pop on vocals). Three great, great songs by artists who don’t interest me at all outside of those three well-played items in my iTunes queue.

Other Personal One Hit Wonders for me:

“SexyBack” by Justin Timberlake

“The Cutter” by Echo and the Bunnymen

“A Horse With No Name” by America

“Yeah!” by Usher

“Song 2” by Blur

“The Body Breaks” by Devendra Banhart

“Hero of the Day” by Metallica

“Ships in the Night” by BeBop Deluxe

“The Perfect Drug” by Nine Inch Nails

I love all of the aforementioned songs to pieces, but don’t much like anything else by the groups in question.

Is this just my own weirdness, or do other people have similarly one-sided, one-song reactions to certain artists?

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