First Day of School Blues

I dropped off my co-pilot after work today and headed into Albany for the first night of my last semester in my Masters program. Feeling pretty good about being able to divine the light at the end of the tunnel, when all of a sudden a bunch of other lights, blue and red ones, appeared in my rear-view mirror.

Yarrgh! Despite the fact that the road I was driving on was five lanes wide (no lie), and I was the only car on it, evidently that 30 mph speed limit wasn’t a mistake, and I was tagged for doing 49 mph by the man with the radar gun. Quite the buzzkill.

And then it got worse when I got to school, because my professor had been called away unexpectedly, so we just got our syllabi and left ten minutes later. Kind of wrong-feeling to get a ticket rushing to something that doesn’t happen. Oh well. Worse things happen at sea, I suppose. Moving right along.

On the upside, we made reservations and purchased tickets this weekend for a trip to Argentina in March, splitting time between Buenos Aires and Mendoza. The three of us will be going, along with my daughter’s room-mate and two friends from school. It’s got “big adventure” written all over it, so I’m stoked to have that to look forward to. After I look forward to traffic court, I mean.

More news on that at a later date. Now I have to go do online shopping to find books for the class that didn’t happen. No rest for the wicked.

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