Instant Milwaukee

I had to make a business trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Monday. Normally, I’d try to go out a night early, or stay a night late, or otherwise spend more time on the ground in my destination city than I spend in the air getting to and from there. But this time, I decided to just make it happen in a single frenzied day, which began when my alarm went off a little before 4:00 AM, and ended when I rolled back into my garage at about 9:00 that night, having spent time in the airports of Albany, Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Milwaukee in between, as well as two Canadair Regional Jets (yay!) and two Embraer Regional Jets (not quite so yay). When I made the reservation, I had been a bit concerned about the winter weather in Milwaukee at this time of year and how it might effect my travels, but I actually ended up encountering something worse than snow: inbound fog that caused us to have to bore holes in the sky over Lake Michigan for 40 minutes before being cleared to land, and outbound thunderstorms and ferocious winds that did quite a vigorous number on our little Embraer airplane as it worked to get off the ground, and then stay aloft and intact. One of the most unpleasant flights I’ve ever made, easily. The meeting itself in Milwaukee was productive and useful, but I don’t recommend four take-offs and landings in a single day if you can avoid them. Next time, I sleep over.

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