The Power of Lard

I had some friends over Friday night and totally rednecked out on them by making a huge baked macaroni and cheese (with bacon) for dinner. It was faboo, but now I’m just wishing that I had seen this recipe beforehand. Oh, the marvel! Oh, the glory! Makes me proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free to die of clogged arteries, maybe even before my teeth fall out from all the corn syrup I eat. Click and adore.

P.S. Follow-on to my post a few days ago about other records I was listening to: Kala by M.I.A. is superb and highly recommended, a weird stew of beats and textures from the Indian Subcontinent, swinging England and your favorite club that plays Pussycat Dolls and Missy Elliot songs all night long. Boxer by The National is solid and engaging in a fairly low-key way, but is definitely worth a listen if you like mid-tempo rockers with deep baritone vocals, excellent drums, and a sort of slurring whirl of guitars, basses (bowed and plucked) and keyboards in between. Panda Bear’s Person Pitch seems engaging on first listen, but then gets overly-precious and self-indulgent really quickly, like even before you finish it the first time. After two listens, I rated it “pretentious twaddle” and stopped listening further. Recommended if you need something to put under the leg of your coffee table or desk because it is wobbly.

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