And then . . .

Not much posting of late, as the summer busies and traveling season have set in. Marcia, Katelin and I (along with Katelin’s friend) went to Lake George for four days, staying at the fabulous Sagamore, our favorite resort destination in these parts. Marcia and I played our first full 18 holes of golf on a non-executive course up there over the weekend, playing the Sagamore’s Donald Ross designed, par 70 course, built in rolling meadows in the 1920s. Let’s just say I wasn’t within spitting distance (or javelin throwing, or intercontinental ballistic missile range) of par over the full 18, but it was a lovely day, a beautiful location, and another step toward the rehabilitation of my shoulder, so that’s all good.

Marcia and I also celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary on Sunday with a lovely dinner, Chilean sea bass for her, a delicious roasted haddock for me, a roasted corn chowder and a spicy Vietnamese pho for warm-ups. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long since we were married, since it’s still so fresh and fun. (April 8, 2007 marked the 20th anniversary of our first meeting, so that was a significant day in the collective family history too).

We came home for a couple of sweltering days (it was nice the whole time we were up north, thankfully), then got our fair dose of the storms that whacked the region on Wednesday afternoon. We’ve been without power for most of the past 24 hours. That made for some sticky sleeping last night, as the humidity was still quite high, even after the storms cut the temperatures down some. Fortunately, I spent a good chunk of the day in the air conditioned car, driving Katelin up to her Counselor in Training (CIT) job at camp on the eastern shores of Lake George. After dropping her off, driving back South, and puttering around in the Wolf Road area for a couple of hours, I came home to find the electricity had been restored, and the air conditioner mercifully running. I like my air conditioning. Probably because I was born next to a swampy, sticky, soupy marsh.

The drive up to Lake George and back today was made doubly nice by the fact that I finally got my CD player fixed this morning. While I’ve been enjoying some of the memory lane moments associated with my old tape boxes, I was ready to play the stuff I’ve downloaded or purchased lately, so it was good to be able to load up with instant musical gratification after a spell without. Rewinding and fast-forwarding cassettes to find the song you want seems really onerous now, somehow. Even lifting the arm of the needle on a turntable was easier than that. Once I finally get to listen to some of the recent music I’ve amassed, I’ll post some reviews and recommendations here.

Next week, Marcia and I are heading to Las Vegas for a few days. I looked at the weather out there, and the day we arrive, it’s supposed to be 109 degrees. I don’t think I will leave the air conditioned buildings the whole time we are there. I don’t think it matters in Las Vegas, though. I certainly won’t feel guilty about not taking in the desert air. I got enough of that when we lived in Idaho. We’ll be staying at the Bellagio, which Katelin and I got to check out when we went and saw Oceans 13 in Ithaca a couple weekend ago, during our college trip. Looks nice! When we come back, that’s essentially the end of summer travels for us, though Katelin will be home again in August, so we hope to do some family visits then.

Finally, on a sports note, the beloved Kansas City Royals have a four game winning streak as I type, which guarantees them their first winning month since 2003. Go team! Way to stay a half-game out of last place in the American League!

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