Incongruous Poetry, Part Six: Ratsnake


Sweet Lord Almighty, tell me what was that thing?
I ain’t never seen nothin’ like that ’round here!
Like a big salamander with greasy black hair,
long skinny body with little round ears,
and its feet was clawed, and it had sharp teeth
and a long naked tail, Lord, just like a rat!
Sweet Jesus, when it first jumped up on the bed
I woke up to pet it, thinkin’ it was my cat.
Oh, Lordy, I ’bout fainted when I saw what it was
and I spooked it, too, with my screaming, I guess,
like a rocket it scooted on out of the room,
while I laid there shakin’, Lord, I was a mess.
So I got me a stick an’ a flashlight an’ sack,
and spent hours a-huntin’, dear God, all in vain,
since I never did find it, Oh Jesus, it scares me,
to think that it might come back in here again.

This appeared to me in a dream, just as described in the poem. I don’t have an accurate photo to accompany this one accordingly. Use your imagination.

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