The Rebellion is Back

The Hanslick Rebellion were perhaps the most formidable and ferocious band to ever emerge from Albany, a monstrous consortium of fine players, singers, rockers, writers and performers who made the rare leap from campus (in their case, UAlbany) talent shows to success in the regional club scene. The world was a better place because they rocked some stages as hard as stages can be rocked.

The Rebellion didn’t last long during their first incarnation, but a couple of years back, they regrouped to bring (back) the rock. I took some of my work study students and other miscreant friends down to see them play at CBGB in their first show there after the hiatus. I guarantee you the folks who went with me will remember that show for the rest of their lives. The Rebellion is that good, as was the venue we caught them at (RIP).

The original Rebellion recorded an unbelievably fine live album at Albany’s QE2 (another lost, lamented, live music club, now the site of the inferior Fuze Box), and Eschatone Records will be reiussing it in full digital glory later this year. The new Rebellion, however, has also been busy, and they’ve got a new disc called The Deli of Life available exclusively through iTunes. Visit the Hanslick Rebellion website at Eschatone to score the new disk and download some faboo audio and video files of the ferocious foursome in action. There’s some great videos of them on YouTube as well, including one of my alltime fave songs: “Big Hot Monday.”

Such a great band. Pity we let them escape from Albany. We suck.

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