Superboll Weevil

Superboll Weevil

Superboll weevil, big mean bug:
Eat up them children and dogs.
Live out back by the smoking shed,
Him nest made of rocks and logs.

Superboll weevil, big sharp teeth:
Cut through them fences and chains.
Gnaw at the windows late at night,
Leaving brown tobacco stains.

Superboll weevil, big hard shell:
Him paneled all like a truck.
Meet him out on that mill pond path?

Him: happy. You: out of luck.

Superboll weevil, big long legs:
With hairy old joints and nubs.
Walking to find him lady bug,
To bear him a nest of grubs.

Superboll weevil, big old thing:
Been living here long as sin.
We try and try to make him leave,
Him always come back again.

(Copyright JES, 2004)

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