Music Pending

I’m pretty excited about the upcoming new LP from the Fall, Reformation Post-TLC. See the “Fall News” link in the sidebar to the right for more information. The UK version of the album is out already, and I’ve managed to nab the lead single (“Fall Sound”) off of emusic (it’s also streaming on the Narnack Records website) , but I’m ready to have the full Amerk version in my sweaty, greedy little fingers soon. I’m sure I could find it online somewhere and pilfer a free copy, but if the group took the time to produce artwork and text to accompany this collection of tunes, then I’d feel happier if I get the whole package as they intended me to receive it. It adds to the obsession opportunities. It’s no fun to paw through a pile of silver CD-R’s with Sharpie labels scribbled on them.

fallcoverIf you aren’t familiar with the Fall: they are one of independent rock’s grandest, long-running trainwrecks. This album was created by stalwart group leader Mark E. Smith (no relation), his wife (Elena Poulou), and a guitar-bass-drum trio of Americans who were cobbled together when the entire former British incarnation of the Fall left en masse, mid-tour, somewhere in the American Southwest last year. The group has since added a second bass player (!) and played some dynamite live shows, one of which is documented via bonus interactive material on the US version of the album. The curious thing about the Fall is that whenever a version of the group implodes in a particularly nasty fashion, Smith’s replacement crews often rise to the occasion to make some of the group’s more sterling recordings. From what I’ve heard and read, I think this one has the potential to be one of the periodic moments of true greatness, forged under less than ideal settings. Which is why (returning to where I began) I’m excited to get this thing. Soon! Hurry hurry!

While waiting, I am listening to some interesting, odd, spacey folk-electronic music by Psapp and Eberg. Lots of buzzing and chirping and clicking, with pretty vocals and acoustic guitars and other traditional instrumentation. Odd enough to feel like you’re listening to something cool and special, but grounded enough that it’s not just deliberately difficult and hard to grip without disciplined listening. Sometimes it’s nice for music listening to be work. But sometimes it’s nice for it to be play. I’d put both of these artists in the latter category. Delicious early evening whimsy. Larks!

While you’re over at the right sidebar, check out the other musical links, many of them representing the best that our local music market has to offer: Kamikaze Hearts, The Wasted/Saint Jude Pray For Us, Bryan Thomas, Jed Davis of Eschatone Records (a former Albanian), etc. Which means good stuff! Investigate!

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