Still Here

The jet lag lasted until about Wednesday. The cold still lingers (isn’t that obligatory when you pack a few hundred people into an airplane for six hours?). But for the most part the physical toll of the whirlwind trip is past, and we’re just savoring the memories. And they really are fine memories. Next trips: Asheville, North Carolina, to spend Christmas with family, then Aruba in April. After a couple of cold and grey destinations, not to mention the usual Upstate New York winters, I think we will be ready for beachy sun by then.

I’m down to two more events in this semester before wrapping up my seventh full semester of programs at the C+CC. It’s been a good semester, and next spring promises, I think, to be the best one I’ve programmed yet: after four years, I know what works here, and I know what doesn’t. Most of the spring season is dedicated to three discrete blocks, the third incarnation of the Loop Sanctuary series (curated by Sara Ayers), the Lenten Speaker series, and the Spring Music Residency with Brian Melick, Eric Marczak and their guests. We will also welcome back Deni Bonet and have another evening of Armenian Arts and Culture. Plus the usual Lenten/Holy Week celebrations and the other background things we do all the time. (If you want to mark your calendar up now, the complete schedule is here).

Today Sara and I will be reviewing submittals for the multimedia film festival to be presented as part of Loop Sanctuary III. Should be an enjoyable process. My winter newsletter and Christmas Liturgy books are done, earlier than we’ve ever finished them before . . . which means relatively smooth sailing until the arrival of the dreaded C+CC Giant Tree. My back and hands ache in expectation.

Let’s see . . . what else is of interest? Oh! My favorite local band, The Wasted, got a great story on the cover of Metroland this week. It’s here if you’d like to read it (NOTE: Very Strong Language Warning! You Have Been Warned! This means you, Mom!) Their fantastic last album, We Are Already in Hell, is also available for download online here. Dark stuff, but delivered with fantastic energy and talent.

Okay. I suppose I’ve procrastinated enough this morning. On with the work day . . .

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