Music Geekery

If You’re Needing Some More Music Geekery . . .

. . . a fellow geek with a blog, Twisted Wrister, has been smitten with the competitive spirit and is running his own music geek competition, here, called “The Clunkers of My Collection.” Give him some love.

Hi Ho Hi Ho . . .

. . . it’s off to Long Island I go for a posh black tie gala sort of event sponsored by one of Marcia’s clients. The event is being held at a famed, old event hall where I went to my first bar mitzvah reception way back in the ’70s, a totally new experience at the time for a kid from the Baptist South, having just moved North to Long Island when my dad took over the Marine Corps recruiting district there. This also made it the first place where I ever sampled an alcoholic beverage (an Apricot Sour), and the first place where I danced with girls in public, heart filled with lust. Ah, memories!

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