What I’ve Come to Loathe

You Know What I’ve Come to Loathe?

Hand-held digital camera self-portraits, where the subject is holding the camera at arm’s length, getting a face shot. It’s usually very obvious when such a picture is being taken, and what amps the pretentious annoyance factor up is when people are looking away from the camera, all serious and intense like, as if “I was just sitting here having way serious thoughts, when all of a sudden some stranger came up and caught me all pensive-like and snapped this amazing, thoughtful picture, of me, deep in thought, and pensive and stuff.” If you are going to take a webcam or handheld picture of yourself and post it online, look at the camera, and maybe even smile a little. Your picture will stand out in a sea of eyes-averted, oh-I’m-so-cool, self shots, which also tend to make your neck look fat because your arm is raised holding the digital camera away from your face. Do you want to look like you have a fat neck? I don’t think you do. Call a friend. Have him or her take your picture. You will love the results. Promise.

Music (Not Prog)

Got the new album by the Fall yesterday, Fall Heads Roll. Super dooder goodness. It remains amazing that Mark E. Smith and ever-changing crew manage to make music this good this far into his/their careers. The current band (MES, Eleni Poulou and Ben Pritchard returning from their last full studio disc, the equally superb The Real New Fall LP Formerly ‘Country On The Click’, plus prodigal drummer Spencer Birtwistle and bassist Stephen Trafford) is crunchy and punchy and tight, and even though it’s still hard to understand what MES is saying much of the time, his mumblings are at least recorded high in the mix, and give this record much of its character, as is, of course, the case with every Fall album. But this is another winner, and recommended.

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