Albany Music Quiz

Hey Albany Music Geeks: While home this afternoon (sick, see below), I continued working on tidying up, archiving and deleting old concert reviews, record reviews and interviews. Which meant that I read some of them for the first time in ages. I started copying fragments and shards that I either particularly liked, or thought were particularly pompous from a music critic-ese standpoint.

It occured to me that it might be fun to share some of them with you . . . but with a twist. So here’s the deal: there are ten quotes following this paragraph. Below the ten quotes are the names of ten bands who are/were either directly from the Albany area or had some strong connection to here. All of these quotes appeared in print, so were presented (for better or worse) as a credible media position on these groups’ work. Sorry.

Can you match the quote to the band? If you think you can, shoot me an e-mail (see link to the left). First person to get all ten right will be praised here as a very clever geek indeed, and will receive a CD mix sampler of some of my fave Albany music from 1994 to 2003 or so, when I stopped reviewing.

Alright, here’s the quotes:

1. “Are they punktronica? Or tech & roll? Or beatcore, mixmetal, hip-hopabilly, ambient rawk? Maybe . . . with the caveat that descriptions of uncharted territories like those identified by these songs will always be hamstrung by the limitations of a lexicon built around a familiar (musical) topography.”

2. “Equal parts Athens ’82 and Seattle ’92, a the band force-fit an angularly mammoth Soundgarden grunch into a melodically fun Pylon groove, but did it without carrying over Soundgarden’s heartless self-importance or Pylon’s rinky-tink silliness.”

3. “I wish this record was longer, although the band may be taking the approach that the Birthday Party took in their latter days, recognizing that full length recordings were too much for even their fans to bear. This one’s got some chillingly poignant moments on it, and some scary accurate depictions of real worlds that most of us dare not even imagine.”

4. “Imagine a funkier version of Frank Zappa’s early Mothers of Invention crossed with a bluesier version of mid-period Steely Dan then mounted atop a jazzier version of latter-day Bonzo Dog Band and you might just begin to get a general grip on the experience.”

5. “It was like hearing some unclean mating of King Crimson and Black Flag. Scary good stuff, that.”

6. “It’s a pity that compact disc packaging materials are generally limited to plastic and cardboard, since this unbelievably organic record would most properly be wrapped in something like fur, or mulch, or a potato sack, or slime. Or maybe all four. In fact, in a perfect packaging world, you’d wipe a thick smear of blood and pus off the back cover and squint to read the song titles, instead of just casually admiring them through a film of shrink wrap.”

7. “The best parts of a house party always take place betwixt refrigerator, sink and stove, late at night after the rabble have headed home. There’s a certain intimacy, a comfort (food) zone, a shoeless familiarity, and a huggable honesty that can easily take place in a kitchen–but which rarely takes place in a studio or a concert hall.”

8. “The latest pulverizing incarnation of this local outfit spewed goblin-in-the-machine technomania, anxiety-attack-inducing grindcore, and late-Swans-like sludge-metal, with everything boosted as if from a dirty adrenaline needle to the band’s collective heart.”

9. “The proceedings had a truly exploratory, stylistically frapped feel, something like what you’d get if you ran the Butthole Surfers and Camper Van Beethoven through a musical meat grinder together.”

10. “They do the anthemic slow build as well as anybody I’ve ever heard, linking two slow guitar figures, adding bass color slowly, cymbals, then kick-drum, louder, building, louder, fluctuating, louder, rumbling, roaring, climax, out. (Was it good for you too?)”

And here’s the bands:

A. Beef

B. The Clay People

C. Collider

D. Giant Ray Soda

E. The Kamikaze Hearts

F. Lughead

G. One King Down

H. Small Axe

I. Subduing Mara

J. The Weasels

Send your answers to the e-mail link shown at left, under “Contacting.” Good luck!

The Drear

We have been experiencing a very bizarre weather pattern up here in Upstateland for about the past week: it feels and looks more like early November than late May, with constant clouds, low grade sprinkles and temps in the 50s, if that. Very, very dreary. Looking out the window this morning, I see some hints of sun peaking through the clouds, but I know it’s just so things can warm up enough today to deliver us thunderstorms this afternoon, which will followed by another three or four days of drear, if the weather people are accurate and on their game. So much for a big outdoorsy Memorial Day weekend.

Adding to the drear: Katelin was sick early this week, and I’m sick now. The usual sore throatiness turning to head stuffiness turning to snot runniness turning to body achiness. I’m somewhere between head stuffiness and snot runniness at the moment. Feh.

Further adding to the drear: two of our cats have been sick, one with a urinary tract infection, one with an impacted anal gland (don’t ask, you don’t want to know). This means that most days when I get up or get home there are . . . . surprises awaiting me. Things to clean. Medicine to administer. Cats don’t like medicine. I don’t like cleaning things.

Drear out . . .

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