Wizards Meet Reality

Well, the Wizards got quite the reality check as they were stomped by Miami in Game One of their series, the first game Shaquille O’Neal played after finding out he didn’t get the MVP Award this year. Oops. If the Wizards do have to lose to someone in the East, I can’t say I mind it being Miami, since I’ll probably pull for the Heat at that point, just because I will enjoy seeing Shaq win a Championship a year after being shucked by the idiot Laker management trust. I think the “Who would you rather have on your team, Shaq or Kobe” question has been pretty much settled definitely.

Also in sport, both Navy (my alma mater) and the University at Albany (the biggest local Division I University in the area in which I’ve made my home for more than a dozen years) made the 16-team NCAA D-1 Lacrosse tournament as automatic berths from winning their conference championships. Nice! Only thing is . . . if they both win, they play each other in the second round. I guess that would be cool, although I wish I could pull for them both longer than that.

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