Four Hours Until Vacation . . .

Saturday morning. One meeting. Directing the building maintenance crew through the weekend routine. Filing payroll. Changing my answering machine message . . . and then . . . . Sweet relief! Vacation is here! We’re heading to Santa Fe early Monday morning, will be there six nights. Mmmmm . . . mountains . . . far away . . . sand . . . sun. I am so, so, so, so ready.

And when I return, there are only two more weeks of classes at RPI, then exams, then we shift into summer mode here, which is a good deal more relaxed than the school year is. I do a lot of work still, mind you, but it tends to occur during the day hours from Monday to Friday. No Saturday mornings. Not many evenings. Shorts and t-shirts every day. Hooray!

Also on the “hooray” front: the Washington Wizards actually managed to clinch a playoff spot. After sitting nicely in the four seed for most of the season, they stumbled down the stretch, and I was having visions of them majestically folding their sails and missing the post-season altogether, as has happened so many years before. But, nope, they held on, and they’ll be playing into May for the first time since 1997. Hooray!

My beloved Kansas City Royals have already assumed their normal position as the team with the worst record in the American League, but I am officially adopting the Washington Nationals as my chosen National League team. The Mets have held that spot in the past, and I’ll still root for them, but . . . my sports template was stamped as a child in the Southeast and in the DC suburbs, so I always default back to Washington teams when they’ve got them. (I adopted the Royals when we lived in Kansas in the mid-’70s, after the second Senators franchise fled Washington for the sunny climes of Texas). And, surprise, surprise, the Nationals were in first place as of their home opener. Go Nats!

On the home front, roof replacement is done, new door is ordered, and we have a giant mountain of mulch in the driveway that I have to spread before heading out to New Mexico. We met with a contractor about the new sun room, and I think have decided that the cost/benefit analysis for said room is marginal . . . what we really want, at bottom line, is just a place to put a hot tub. We can do that cheaper without a full on home addition. As part of our home-improvement plans, we had a house appraisal done, and got nice results: it appraised for 45% more than we bought it for six years ago, and 88% more than the remaining balance on our mortgage. That’s comforting.

I think Marcia is planning to take her laptop with us on vacation, so I may blog a little while out there . . . but, then again, I may not, since computers are one thing that I’m vacationing from. We’ll see how I feel.

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