Signs of Spring

1. The snow on the ground here has all been replaced with mud and soft squishy brown grass. And that’s okay.

2. The cats have emerged from their deep winter hibernation in the cat cave that sits in front of the heater vent, and have started sleeping on their bed, which sits on our bed, in the sun. (I should probably put in a plug here for Purrmatix Cattery on Long Island, which is where Amy, Lyla and Rosie all came from. If you want Balinese, Siamese or Javanese, this is good place to start).

3. We’re working on the house: we had our roof replaced last week, in the next couple of weeks will be replacing our front door, and then later in the summer will probably be adding a sun-room to the house, possibly with a hot tub (that’s for me).

4. I took the Christmas lights down today.

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