Too Busy Being Busy

I generally hate reading blogs that are filled with entries of the “Boy, I’m too busy to post . . . but here’s a long post about it anyway” variety, so I usually try to avoid writing them here. But, boy, I’m too busy to post . . . or at least too busy to post about anything but being busy. Next week will be pretty similar, but then I have a (reasonably) slow week at work, followed by a week of vacation in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I am looking forward to it.

We had a great concert here last night by the Mathematicians and the Wasted, two of my personal favorite regional bands, both in great form. After two and half years at the C+CC, I think I’ve reached a point of true and consistent critical mass for our concert series here, as the room was full and rocking last night, and both audience and performers left pleased with what went down, I think. That’s rewarding, given how dead the cultural programs were when I got here.

It’s good to see that and focus on it when I’m too busy to write about anything but being busy. My being busy often makes cool stuff happen, and that makes other people happy. That’s a good busy. It’s just too bad that I’m too busy to appreciate it, but not quite too busy enough to not be able to write about being too busy.

Okay . . . time to get back to being busy being busy, and not being busy writing about being busy.

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