Another Project Comes to Fruition

For the better part of two years, I’ve been helping an older gentleman on the Board of Trustees of the C+CC write, layout and illustrate his autobiography. It’s actually been a pretty interesting project, and one that will be of historical value to RPI and the C+CC and the City of Troy in general since the author, Stephen Edward Wiberley, is a long-time mover and shaker in these parts. There were a lot of famous folks, mostly scientists, passing through the pages of his life’s story (Fermi, Heisenberg, Van Allen, Kuiper, Teller, Pauling), plus guest appearances by the likes of Bette Davis, astronaut Jack Swigert, NASA deputy administrator George Low and the 1985 NCAA Hockey Champion RPI Engineers. The final manuscript ran to about 320 pages and had about 240 illustrations, photos or figures, all of which I have been scanning and treating and restoring as well as possible, then fitting into the book. Today, Steve dropped off the finished, bound product. It looks great, and has been a very rewarding project. I think the hard part now is to keep him from feeling like his life’s work is done and he no longer has anything to live for. I told him that my fee for helping him was that I expected him to give me an update and addenda ten years from now, and that he had to find some exciting stuff to make it worth my while. He laughed at that, but I hope he thinks about it. He’s a good man. I’ve enjoyed getting to know him in a tremendous amount of detail, more so than you normally do for anyone you’re not closely related to. The book looks great, and I think it will be an important addition to some regional libraries around here. The C+CC one, for starters, since Steve was one of the men who helped build the place.

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