Year in Review

Here’s my Top Ten Albums of 2004, as submitted for inclusion in the Village Voice’s annual Pazz and Jop Survey (minus the points I allocated):

1. The Wasted, We Are Already in Hell

2. The Fall, The Real New Fall LP…Formerly Country On the Click

3. The Residents, WB:RMX

4. Clutch, Blast Tyrant

5. Ministry, Houses of the Mole

6. P.J. Harvey, Uh Huh Her

7. Gibby Haynes and His Problem, Gibby Haynes and His Problem

8. Bjork, Medulla

9. Einsturzende Neubaten, Perpetuum Mobile

10. Bryan Thomas, Babylon

The Wasted and Bryan Thomas are local Albany folks, if you don’t recognize their names. They are both exceptional: marrying strong songwriting with kick-ass studio and live performances.

Here’s my favorite films of the year, so far:

1. Garden State

2. Hero

3. Collateral

4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

5. The Incredibles

6. Finding Neverland

7. Shaun of the Dead

8. Mean Girls

9. Shrek 2

10. Spider Man 2

I haven’t seen Sideways, Ray, Open Water and Closer, but I imagine some of them might bump off the lower ones in my seen-to-date list one I get to them.

The five worst movies I saw this year:

1. Napoleon Dynamite (Remember, I lived in Idaho: it wasn’t funny then, either. But this was just an exercise in creating unwatchable characters and letting them be stupid together. How this became a hit, I’ll never know.)

2. Van Helsing (I had no clue what was going on most of the time, drifting in and out of sleep between explosions and screams. BO-ring.)

3. The Stepford Wives (So much wasted talent on such an obviously doomed re-make.)

4. Spanglish (Hateful and mean; you know you’re in trouble when Adam Sandler is the most appealing thing in a movie.)

5. I, Robot (You know you’re in trouble when the robot is a better actor than Will Smith).

The only television show I watched regularly in 2004 was South Park, so I guess it wins my show of the year nod for the eighth year running, or however long it’s been on.

Okay. Time for more drugs now. My head is oozing.

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