Phil Ochs Song Night

We are hosting Phil Ochs Song Night at the C+CC tonight, a fundraiser for WPRI. It’s a fairly complex event for our small and simple venue, so the day has been spent setting up and worrying. The nice thing about fundraisers like these is that the beneficiaries (WRPI) tend to send a good number of volunteers to help out, which lightens the load. For instance, I don’t have to do live sound tonight . . . so instead of hanging out behind the board, I can hang out in my office and listen from afar. And type. Nice.

There’s a great set of contemporary folk performers here tonight, including Magpie, Kim and Reggie Harris, Greg Greenway, Sonia (who’s singing as I type), Sharon Katz, the Landfill Mountain Boys (who don’t appear to have a website), Annie and the Hedonists and John Flynn. I always feel better once the concert gets rolling and things proceed on their own momentum. Of course . . . the back end cleanup and breakdown will be a bear when it’s done, but we’ll deal with that in due time.

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