Wow. No Cubs. No Giants. No A’s. No Boston-Chicago World Series. No Barry Bonds. I have a sick, sad feeling that we might be looking at something like Anaheim against Houston in the World Series this year . . . another not-particularly-compelling matchup. I guess Dodgers-Yankee or Dodgers-Red Sox would have some oomph and pizzaz and history, but man, I don’t like the Yankees or the Dodgers at all. Or mebbe this’ll finally be Atlanta’s year . . . mebbe it was Glavine and Maddux that were holding them back all these years. Hmmm. (Of course, St. Louis and Minnesota will probably just keep doing what they’ve been doing all year . . . flying under the radar, winning games without headlines, marching off to the World Series together). Disappointing, for the most part, I think. It didn’t help that my beloved Royals set their franchise record for losses this year, a mere twelve months after they teased us by being competitive for the division well into September.

Who to pull for? Katelin’s a Red Sox fan, Marcia’s a Twins fan, so I’ll pull for the two of them to knock off the Yankees and the Angels. In the NL, I’ve gotta pull for the Cardinals (see “I don’t like the Dodgers” above) . . . and I guess between Atlanta and Houston, I’ll lean towards Atlanta. Houston’s pleased just to have made the playoffs. Atlanta always makes the playoffs, they need more to be pleased.

After that, tough choices . . . I guess I’d like a Braves-Red Sox series the most of the possible outcomes, with the Sox winning, just so we can stop reading about the stupid curse every season. I was so happy back a few years ago when the Rangers finally won the Stanley Cup. They won’t win it again for another 50 years, most likely, but at least we don’t have to read the New York news media whining about it every year. Is It Just Me?

Or are the drawings in the new Shark Tale movie borderline offensive racial caricatures? I keep seeing the clips of the Will Smith-voiced fish and the rasta jellyfish and thinking “Man, that just ain’t right.” There was lots of (well deserved) animus directed at Jar Jar Binks’ intergallactic Steppin Fetchit act a few years back . . . but I’ve yet to read or hear anyone that’s as skeeved out by the images on the posters of this new movie as I am. Personally, I think the ad campaign for this lame looking big budget film belongs in Ferris State’s Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia. It’s that gross.


I don’t get sick very often. But I’m sick now . . . my whole body hurts, my digestive system is in a state of active revort, and I don’t think I’ve slept more than about 45 minutes uninterrupted at a stretch over the past two nights or days. Bleeguh. I think I’ll be spending most of today on the sofa watching football and (hopefully) snoozing to kick this flu or whatever it is. There’s some kind of bug running rampant at RPI, so I assume that I’ve picked it up from one of my dorm-dwellers.

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