On the Roof

Last night, at about 2:30 AM, an extremely drunk young man took a ladder off the porch of the C+CC, climbed up onto the building’s roof, dragged the ladder up onto the roof with him, then proceeded to stumble and lurch about, destroying some lighting fixtures and ventilation ducts in the process, at which point he threw the ladder down two stories into the yard, trapping himself up there. The residents in the C+CC called the police, who talked the guy down and hauled him away. The kid claims he was an RPI student, but his name doesn’t appear in the computer. He also claims he was being chased, and that’s why he went up on the building’s roof.

After I finished talking with the residents about all that, and assessing damages and calling for repair contractors, one of my students called to say that she would be late this morning, because someone smashed broadside into her car last night while it was parked, then drove away. This is the same student who had her computer stolen last week.

On the (slightly) upside, I did have a (slightly) more restful night last night, as Lyla the Watch Cat deigned to sleep with us quietly for about four hours during the night, rather than sirening outside of Amy’s recovery room. They both got going about 5 AM, though, so I did end up coasting on the floor of the office with them for an hour and a half after that anyway. Three more nights ’til the stomach drain and the collar come off . . . here’s hoping we see some slight improvement each night.

And I think I’d better stop listening to old Cure records for awhile, since this blog is turning into the “Woe! Woe! Woe!” report . . . and there are few things worse than whiny blogs from people who really don’t have a lot to whine about. Self included, in the grand scheme of things, of course.

Maybe caffeine will help.

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