Hi ho, hi ho . . .

. . . it’s off to camp we go. Well, not we actually, just Katelin, but I took her there. She’s off for her fourth summer at Camp Chingachgook up on Lake George, for two weeks of fun in the sun. She’s taking rock climbing and advanced sailing as her skill classes this year . . . an interesting combo platter, I guess. We miss her when she’s gone, but she looks forward to Camp and our trip to Maine more than just about anything else that she or we do, so knowing that makes it okay. Our cat’s having her surgery tomorrow, so I’m thinking it’s probably good that Katelin’s away for that, actually, since post-op critters tend to be a bit on the depressing side for the first few days of their recoveries. Poor kitty. Sigh. So I’m glad Katelin will get to spend the day sailing and climbing rocks (or a rock wall, rather, with lots of parent-friendly, worry-suppressing belay points and lines) instead of staring at the cat all night, feeling sorry for her. That’ll be my job. Did I mention “sigh” yet?

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