Gemini Snake

I’ve had the phrase “Gemini Snake” floating through my head tonight, too, but it’s not ripened to the point of showing a place to go with it . . . Katelin and I went out for Chinese food today, and spent lunch reading the Chinese horoscopes on the placemats. I’m a snake, she’s a goat (or a sheep, depending on which placemats you’re looking at). And I’m a Gemini in western horoscopes, hence Gemini Snake.

Not that put any value in either mythological system . . . although, for the record (and as a matter of coincidence) the stock personality traits of snakes and Geminis are pretty reasonable approximations of how I’d describe myself. To wit:

Snake: “Rich in wisdom and charm, Snakes are romantic and deep thinkers. Their intuition guides them strongly. Snakes usually do things at their own pace, and when the moment is right, shed their skin and take up something completely new. It is for this reason that people avoid Snakes — They can’t handle their mistrust and secretiveness. Although sociable at times, they have a strong desire to be left alone. Snakes are actually subtle workers — imperceptibly manuevering and manipulating until they are in the position to get what they want. Attracted to elegant and refined partners, they are deeply jealous and possessive when involved in relationships.”

Gemini: “Gemini wants to know everything but never digs quite deep enough, usually just skimming the surface. Gemini is a jack of all trades. Gemini is highly adaptable and likes change and variety. Gemini is restless and very clever with the use of hands. Gemini is versatile, fickle, intelligent, creative, quick, neat, and curious. Gemini learns quickly and has the ability to get a good education. Gemini can be selfish, nervous, inconsistent, deceptive, changeable, and confused, and tends to scatter forces.”

I’m not particularly jealous or possessive in my current longstanding and happy relationship (although, for the record, I certainly was when I was younger and in other relationships), nor am I great with my hands, nor do I confuse easily . . . but other than that, for the most part, if someone wrote the rest of that stuff on a work performance evaluation, I’d say “Yeah, that’s fair.” I don’t have any believe that balls of rock and gas light years away have any effect on who and what we are . . . but I do wonder, sometime, if we tend to become what our astrological signs say we’re supposed to be if we’re imprinted with that information early on in our lives.

But I digress . . . and now I just gotta figure out what “Gemini Snake” (the poem) is gonna be about. Is it a person’s name? A spaceship? A reptile twin? Some magic elixir like “Jefferson Water.” Hmmm.

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