Some things . . .

. . . . related to prior things.

1. One day after our burglary at the C+CC, at almost exactly the same time, I was on the phone in my office, thinking I was alone in the building, when I saw someone quickly scoot by my door, leaving the building. Where had they been? How long had they been in here? What were they doing? Could have been completely innocuous: they could have gone to the sanctuary to say a prayer while I was down in the boiler room. But . . . it didn’t feel that way. So I tailed them out the building, got a license plate number from the car that they drove away in, and called the police in again. Kinda creepy. Bleh.

2. I’ve been telling Katelin for years that when Amy (our older cat, the one who has to have the operation) turned 10, we would get a third cat, so when something happened to one of the current pair, there would still be a companion for the surviving one. (All cats are social animals, but Siamese/Balinese/Javanese are particularly so, and walk around the house screaming when they can’t find somebody to be with). So . . . just to be on the safe side with Amy’s pending surgery, I figured this might be the time to go ahead an investigate Cat Number Three. (Amy is 9 now, so it’s a year earlier than I’d planned). I contacted the breeder where we got Amy and Lyla to ask if she had any other adult, spayed females, which we prefer adopting, since they’re not quite as cute as kittens and tend to be harder to place, but also don’t come with weaning/litterbox training issues. As it turns out, the breeder did indeed have a cat who seems right up our alley: a two-year old red point Javanese named “CH Sanlino Rosebud of Purrmatix”, also known as Rosie, who had been spayed after having reproductive problems that rendered her not useful as a breeding cat (same thing as with Amy and Lyla, our two current cats). So after about all of 18 seconds worth of conversation last night, the general family consensus is that we’re going to adopt the third cat when we return from Maine in August.

3. Today would have been my dad’s 65th birthday, had he not been taken away from us sooner than we all would have liked. I think I need to have some good chili dogs today in his honor and memory, although I can’t bring myself to eat them with raw onions, the way he liked them.

4. I was in the mood for doing some packaging and submitting of poems last night, so spent the evening doing that instead of writing a new one. I was a day ahead, now I’m on target. I need to get ahead again, with vacation pending.

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